Must-Follow Rules For User Friendly Website Design


User Friendly Web Design


When customers come to your website, what kind of impression would you like them to have about your business? There are certain best practices that you can use to create a website that looks and feels like your own. When you hire a website design company, make sure they follow best practices. We’ll show you how to set yourself apart with great web design in Chicago.


Mobile Friendly

The number of people visiting the web with their smartphones is ever increasing. Smart phones have certainly changed the way people do business. From shopping online to looking for information and everything in between, your website must be built for mobile. Take every step possible to ensure all your web pages are properly optimized for mobile devices. A responsive design is key if you want to attract a great audience and keep them glued to your site without compromising their online experience.


Offer An Exceptional User Experience

Forget about pop up ads, a distracting video on the homepage and unfamiliar navigation. Sometimes, less is more. You need to be certain that your users have a great experience while browsing your website. Whether it means offering a really simple layout or getting rid of ads on your website, your users should be given a top priority. It doesn’t matter whether someone is visiting the site using a desktop or mobile device, user experience should be great across the board.


Call-To-Actions Must Be Clear

Call to actions are a key component in your website design. If you fail to pay attention to them, you’ll suffer poor conversion rates. One rule of thumb is to ensure all your call-to-actions are effective and concise. Make sure there are no dead-ends on your website. Every page must be linked to another that sends the user where they are supposed to take action. Call to actions can be used to make people buy, sign up for your newsletter or make any other decision. Consider the graphics you use on your call to actions too. The colors and shapes of the signup and shop buttons need to entice the user to click.


Add A Personal Touch

For your website to speak about your brand and display that perfect image, you need to ensure that you customize it right. Consider your website as an opportunity to meet with a potential customer. What image would you like to portray? If you want to portray yourself as an innovative and creative brand, make sure your design speaks for itself. Use real photos because it will help to humanize your brand. In fact research shows that people are more likely to buy a product when they see real people behind the item for sale.


Design For People And Search Engines

A good website design Chicago should have search engines in mind too. Remember that you want search engines to easily find, crawl and index your website. The design should make this easy by ensuring all pages are well-optimized. Make sure your pages don’t take too long to load because this can compromise search rankings too. Avoid duplication of keywords all over the website. Remember that Google is also focusing on user experience so don’t use damaging SEO tactics on your website.