Is It Time To Get A New WordPress Theme?


WordPress Theme


Its’ been over a decade since WordPress, one of the most powerful and widely used CMS, was launched. This CMS has been used extensively in website design and there are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of themes, for website owners to choose from. Unfortunately, many people are still using outdated themes, which like plugins can become a serious security threat allowing hackers to access your site’s database and files. With an outdated WordPress theme, you won’t be able to take advantage of the cool features that make the CMS even more powerful. Newer themes have been introduced to enhance the look and functionality of WordPress websites and get rid of usability issues that were common in previous themes.

That said, below are a few things to look out for if you suspect your WordPress theme is outdated and you need a new one.


Doesn’t Have Customize API

Using Customize API, you can make changes to important elements on your site such as the logo, favicons, layouts and colors with just a few clicks.  New themes now stick to the Customizer as a standard practice of making changes to these elements. Although some have their options panel, the UI is not as easy to work around as the Customize API in WordPress.


Current Theme Is Rarely Updated

Have you noticed that your current theme hasn’t been updated in the last one year or so? This could be a problem. It’s possibly a sign that the author is no longer prioritizing on the theme and hence no major changes are being done to improve its security or incompatibility issues. Sometimes when a theme hasn’t been updated by your Chicago website design company for too long, it can conflict with certain plugins on your website.


Outdated Or Unsupported Third-Party Scripts

Most of the times, you’ll find themes that are hardly updated have scripts from third parties that are either outdated or unsupported. These scripts can turn out to be a huge security risk and you’ll only realize it when your site is hacked. If you notice any of these scripts, you can de-register and remove it from the directory so long as it doesn’t affect the functionality of your website. Make sure you create a backup before doing this.


It’s Not Mobile Friendly

A few years ago, it wasn’t uncommon to bump into a website with pages that couldn’t fit mobile screens. However, today having a non-responsive WordPress theme is totally unacceptable. When almost half of the number of web users globally are browsing on their mobile phones, you have no business running a nonresponsive page on the web. So look for a responsive theme and start designing mobile friendly pages.


Has Deprecated Code

Outdated themes may not be built right to support the latest WordPress features. It’s worth checking if your theme has deprecated code by using the Theme Check plugin which runs a few tests and highlights key issues. If you notice a pile of issues, it may be worthwhile changing the entire theme altogether.