How To Design A Website For Users


User Friendly Website Design


The main focus when building websites should be to address the customer’s problems. Many designers make the mistake of using a web design project for self-expression. This approach is likely to end up in a result that fails to address user’s concerns.

Ideally, any web platform should be built to help its users fulfill their goals. That is why the first steps a designer needs to take before starting the project is to understand the site’s potential users as well as their needs. This is the only way the resulting product will meet the needs of the client and help a business achieve its goals.


Performing User Research

As a website design company, you need to gather as much information as possible about your potential target audience before you start the project. There are different ways to get this done depending on the client but the point is to acquire information about real users in order to come up with a product that is attractive and intuitive for them. What are the needs of the project’s real users? What is their psychological makeup? Using this information, you can come up with the ideal colors, styles and user interactions that suit the audience. The purpose of user research is to create a website that fits the needs and wants of its target group.


Step Into The User’s Shoes

A good website design is one that has been created with empathy. What this simply means is, you need a site that has been designed with a deep understanding of what users are looking for from their experience. This is a product that not only draws the attention of the target user but also entices them to interact with it. This is a website that is not only created to look and function well but also does the things that its potential users wants it to do.


Listen Consciously To User Needs

Many times, we are caught up smiling or nodding to what another person says in order to appear like we are listening. But are you actually getting what the person is saying? As a web designer, you need to make that conscious effort to listen to your client’s needs. This is the only way you’ll manage to show empathy and apply the same findings when executing the web design project.


Avoid Distractions

To design a website that fulfills the needs of its users, you need to focus on the project and give it your best. Distractions can easily make you miss the point or follow the wrong direction. You may not notice until you’re almost completing the project. Therefore, make sure you focus fully when collecting and analyzing information about the users because this is what will help you approach the design from a proper angle.


Never Make Assumptions

Most importantly, don’t make assumptions about the website’s users because this will impact on your product design. Get rid of these preconceived notions because they will make your product fail to serve the actual needs of the target user and will also interfere with the way you interpret your data.