How To Come Up With Striking Website Animations Without Any Coding



For a long time, web animations that are just as cool as they are effective, were really tough to create. Animations need to be responsive and user-friendly in order to serve their purpose today. Proper coding is what makes animations work as they should. In fact, it’s the code that’s behind the animation that makes it effective. But what if you have some great ideas but you don’t know how to put them into practice with heavy coding? Good news, there are website design tools that have been developed to make your work easier. You can easily create striking animations with no coding knowledge. One of the tools is Webflow.


A Brief Description – WebFlow

Webflow is a tool that you can use to come up with great animations without putting in any heavy coding. It’s a tool that any innovative brain can use to bring cool ideas into life. This tool can also save animation pros time since it doesn’t require much coding. For upcoming animation professionals, it’s a great place to start since one can easily come up with jaw-dropping animations with ease.


Why Use WebFlow?

It’s flexible: This tool comes with a number of triggers and effects that you can use to make your animations more interactive. It offers an amazing user experience in animation design.

Create mobile animations: Webflow allows you to create animations that will function beautifully on mobile devices as well as desktops. With the ever-increasing number of mobile searches, this is the perfect tool to create mobile animations with no coding required.

Cross-browser compatibility: You can use Webflow on a wide range of browsers. Whether you are using chrome, Mozilla or Internet Explorer, the animations will work on all modern browsers and the older ones.

Save time: With Webflow, you don’t have to achieve simple interactions using coding techniques. The tool makes it easier to choose a trigger and combine CSS styles with transitions for a striking animation. This allows you to build very unique animations using Webflow.


Webflow is the first tool ever created to allow anyone to create 3D CSS transformations without wrangling through Javascript or writing any code. With this tool, you can easily include complex interactions and animations without overloading the website with JavaScript. What’s even better, the tool allows you to showcase your work. When you open a Webflow account, you have a public design portfolio and profile that has all the details about your latest work and lists your skills. In fact, using this tool, web designers and graphics experts can connect with clients.

Webflow doesn’t just simplify the process of building animations, it also allows you to build your personal brand and reputation. If you have some cool website designs, you can let others clone it or tweak what other designers have done when working on your next project. Webflow comes complete with other features a designer can use such as custom branding, marketing, SEO, hosting and support. If you want to get started with animation design, this is a great tool to try out.