Benefits Of Investing In A Custom Website Design


Custom Website Design


Consumers have so many options to choose from when it comes to website design in Chicago. This becomes harder for web designers and developers to convince their clients why they should invest in a custom website. What most clients don’t understand is what makes custom design and development unique and worth the extra cost. It’s up to you to explain the difference between a custom website and one that is built from an existing template/theme.


Level Of Functionality

While it may appear easy and cheap to build a website using WordPress or any other popular service that promises themes and templates at extremely low prices, these sites are usually unable to offer consumers custom functionality. However, when you work with a designer and developer to build your website from scratch, you don’t have to worry about the site’s functionality being limited. Themes don’t offer everything so it’s easy to come across setbacks when your needs are not fully met. For instance, you may require a feature and there’s no WordPress plugin available to integrate it in your website. You’ll need a developer to give you this feature and this will involve customizing your website by writing unique code for it.


Fulfill The Needs Of Your E-Commerce Shop

E-commerce sites are prone to functionality issues. You may assume that the online shop you are creating is very simple and straightforward only to realize that there are some important features which you need to include to make your site fully functional. Often times, the designer and developer will have to sit down and include custom pieces of code or add a custom plugin in order to make the site fulfill the client’s needs.


Display A Unique Look And Feel

Imagine the number of people using a similar readymade themes to build the website and the kind of message it gets across. Building a custom website takes more than just inserting your logo and colors on a readymade theme. The beauty of a custom design is that it gives you a completely unique look that is built around your business and depending on the message you want to get across. With a custom design, you can be sure the look of your website matches your customer’s requirements and makes your brand stand out among the rest. Unless you are willing to sacrifice the one-of-a-kind look of your website for a low price, going for a custom design is always worthwhile.


Enjoy The Flexibility Of A Custom Design

Some DIY services that promise clients quick websites with no coding skills tend to lock them into a service that may not really fulfill their needs. For instance, you may be forced to use a certain host who is unreliable, and your data may not be secure with that DIY service. However, this is not the case even when you use a CMS to build a website and customize it to suit the client’s needs. You can host your website anywhere and make the switch to a different platform whenever you feel there is a need to do so.