6 Important Web Design Features And How To Use Them


Web Design Features


The features that you include on your website can either hurt or help your brand. It’s very important to work with your Chicago website design company to narrow down on features that are necessary and don’t hurt your site in any way. Remember that as time changes, certain features become obsolete. So make sure you are always updated on website features that will grow your brand and know what to avoid.


Call to Action (CTAs)

Confusing CTAs on your website will undermine conversion rates. CTAs should not only be properly designed but placed strategically on the website. For instance, if you place a call to action on your home page banner, ensure there’s no other button below the banner that’s confusing the web visitor. Use proper wordings for the CTAs too. Know when to use “Buy Now” and “Download Now”. When you interchange these words, you risk creating distrust among your web users.


Search Bar

Every website needs a search bar that allows customers to quickly navigate through and find what they’re looking for. If you have different products on your site, ensure the search bar is always functioning. The best place for your search bar is the top right-hand side of the home page and internal pages. If users don’t find a search bar that will simplify navigation, they will quickly move to the next site.


Image Zoom

If you have an eCommerce shop, you need to provide image zooming so that shoppers get a close up look at the product. People make buying decisions based on the image that is presented to them. If they are not able to look at the product closely and picture how it would look in real life, they just wont buy. Make sure the image zoom is placed correctly just beside the product picture. It can go a long way in enhancing your website conversion rate.


Contact Information

Where do you display your contact information? If you only have your contact details on one page of your website, you’re doing it wrong. Contact info needs to be displayed on different parts of the website. This not only gives web visitors the opportunity to reach out to you immediately but also promotes trust and credibility.



The images on your website need to be professional, high-quality and relevant to the subject matter. Using stock images for web design Chicago could be hurting your website. People need to see actual pictures that they can relate with. Using your own pictures will build trust and help to humanize your brand.



If you publish videos on your website, make sure they are not distracting or annoying to the users. Ensure that the video doesn’t slow down your web pages. Videos that play automatically when the web page loads can do more harm than good. You can incorporate videos on your website design Chicago to enhance engagement and demonstrate how your product/service works. You can also publish video reviews to help boost trust in your brand.