4 Ways To Get Your Website Conversions Up


Website Conversion Rate


Did you know that majority of online users will leave if they don’t see any compelling content as soon as they land on your web page? When you create better landing pages, you’ll certainly increase the number of people converting after visiting your website. Sometimes you’ll need to conduct A/B testing in order to find out what works best for your users. Don’t always assume you know what will make users convert. Below are a few guidelines that can help you improve conversions.


What’s Your Value Proposition?

Why would you want the user to do business with you? What’s the benefit? This should be clearly displayed on the landing page.  Think about ways to convey your value proposition so that people would come for the product or service from you and not anyone else. Whether you want to make a certain process easy or to save your users money, think of how to present it in a clear and captivating way. USPs are like reassurances. They give users confidence in your product that it will help to solve a need better than anyone else. Think of some of the reasons why customers choose to buy from you and then make it clear on the landing page. The clear website design can really help in making the VP to stand out on the page.


Get Customer Feedback

Sometimes you can continue on the wrong track because you simply don’t know it. Why not get feedback from customers to understand what they really want and how you can provide it? You can pose simple questions on the landing page that would help you to better understand your customers. You can even have a dropdown that has some obstacles that prospects have when they got to your website. Then include some solutions on how to overcome those challenges. For instance, if the customer picks “am not comfortable purchasing from a small company” on the list, you can respond by offering “a behind the scenes video of how your company works of your USP as well as customer testimonials”. All this information will help to build trust.


Simplify Web Forms

Short web forms work in terms of improving conversions. Think about it. How many times have you clicked away from a page because they had multiple fields that you have to fill. Don’t let users leave your site and drop off because the web form is too long. Don’t interrupt the business process by asking customers to sign up and give so many details before they order. Allow customers to do that after they make a purchase and you may just increase the conversions.


Catchy Headlines

Work on headlines that contribute to increasing your conversion rate. A headline can make you form the first impression about your brand. Always ensure that your headline on the landing page is clear and has a unique value proposition. Test different headlines from time to time to see what works. You can interchange words such as “save” and “free” to see what appeals to your customers the most. Ensure the headline clearly tells the user what they’ll get.