3 Tips To Make Your Website Appealing On 4k Screens


Website Design For 4K


4k screens are the latest technological advancement in TVs, computers and even handsets. With a 4k screen, users can enjoy up to 4 times as many pixels per inch which means better clarity and picture quality. In order to make your website appear just as good on a 4k screen, you need to make important changes. First things first, you need to ensure your web pages are responsive. Once that’s done, you’ll be well on your way to making your site 4k-ready.


Use Pictures In Scalable Formats

Scalable graphics are the best on 4k screens. When you use a picture with a fixed number of pixels, which is what happens when you use forms such as jpeg, gif and png, when the size increases, the picture just gets pixelated and sometimes appears blurry. However, if you use graphics which are in a scalable format such as SVG, you’ll still have a clear and clean image no matter how big the screen is. This is because scalable vector graphics are designed to expand with the screen size.

You may have to use the raster formats such as png, gif and jpeg on your website images. To make this work for you, ensure you download two versions. The high-resolution images for the desktop version and lower resolution photos which will appear on mobile devices. Work with tools like Photoshop CC which allows you to export varying sizes of images at the same time. SVGs are ideal for logos, buttons and other user interface tools and they can be designed using software such as Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw.


Design For Larger Screens

Most website designers build web pages that can be viewed in monitors that are 1920×1080 in size. But with the 4k screens, you need to think of how your site will appear on a screen that is 2560px wide. For most sites, such huge screens will make their content difficult to read and have a lot of white space. You need to address those challenges posed by larger screen sizes.


Shoot 4k Videos

Since videos are widely used to capture the attention of online users, it’s great to have them on your web pages. Just make sure you create 4k videos that will look right on the latest large devices. There are a number of smartphones and cameras that are designed with 4k shooting capabilities. You may also look for 4k video content from stock libraries online.

There’s really no sure way to ensure your website will look good on a large 4k screen unless you actually try it. You may want to consider getting a 4k monitor for your design work. 4k monitors can now be found at a good rate and you can find a wide range of options to choose from online. This monitor can help designers who do a lot of graphics and video editing and need to come up with content that appears well on the latest 4k screens.