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Why I Need a Professional Designer

There are plenty of free website templates out there, and even creating a simple website is not difficult. Yet, most companies in Chicago do ultimately seek the help of a professional website company, who can meet their exact requirements.

A professional company needs to look a certain way online, and if your website appears amateurish and clumsy, the customer is going to form the same option about your business. You operate in a competitive space and you don’t want customers to walk away with the impression that your website is not secure or professional. Your website is the most important public profile you will have out there for the world. Make sure you get it right.

Another reason why you must opt for professional web designing is because sooner or later you might require advanced applications. Websites that collect customer information or have e commerce elements need more complex websites that need to be created and maintained by professionals.


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4 Steps to Web Designing


Our approach involves the following steps:


The first step is getting to know you and your business. In our discovery meeting, we aim to understand what your goals are, what your target market is and who your competitors are.
We also conduct a “health-check” on your website that helps us identify any missing or outdated elements. According to a report by Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA), poor user experience (UX) was among the top weaknesses that agencies identified in their clients’ website. Poor UX drastically impacts the usability of websites and hinders conversions. A thorough evaluation fixes most problems.


In this phase, we make a list of topics i.e., “must haves” that need to go into the website, as well as their likely placement. This is a site map, and acts as a guide throughout the designing process. We follow updated best practices in web design. All our websites include call-to-action and conversion elements.


Communication with clients remains top priority at this stage too, even as our team of experts creates an excellent user experience though content, visuals and videos. Web design is all about brand personality. If you are a serious business enterprise, we’d select a design that befits the sobriety of your brand. On the other hand, if your industry allows it, you could take liberty and opt for playful typography and colourful visuals.

Testing and Delivery:

Before delivering a website to the client, a crucial step is testing to see if all pages on the website are running smoothly. This is the time to check for any glitches. Once you are happy with the final product, the website is submitted to various engines to include in their listings. You site is now ready to go live.

What Sets Nova Solutions Apart

The field of web design is getting crowded and competitive by the day, and clearly, Chicago businesses have an abundance of choices when it comes to picking a web design firm. That is why we work hard to earn your business and ensure your complete satisfaction each time.

It is always wise to ask how long a company has been in business. In this industry, web design firms shut shop as easily as they open, pointing to a lack of staying power. Nova Solutions has been in the SEO web designing business for the last 10 years, with an experienced and expert team of designers, programmers and UX professionals.

The field of technology and web designing is moving at a dizzying pace, which means website designers and developers are always busy catching up with developments in HTML/CSS, coding etc. As Chicago’s best website design company, we are committed to staying on top of trends through ongoing learning and training.

All businesses can do with a great looking website. Whether you are looking to revamp the old, uninspired look of your existing website, or planning to create a new website for the very first time, Nova Solutions can help. Contact us today, and know more about what we can do for you in web designing.

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