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Social Media Advertising Is Growing

While social media is great for brand-building, it is also emerging as an extremely effective advertising platform for PPC. Also, since many business are new to social media advertising, there is less competition here, and you can expect to get great visibility for lower rates. What makes a platform like Facebook truly valuable is its superior ad targeting. Thanks to tons and tons of personal data contained within the channel, Facebook can filter out your most preferred target customer list.

Nova Solutions mixes social media advertising with high-quality content giving you maximum ROI on your social media budget.

Social Media Hashtags, Apps and Tools

Hashtags and Apps are important aspects of social media that need to be considered for brand-building and generating leads.

Hashtags are a known feature on Twitter, but increasingly they are being employed by other social media platforms as well to streamline conversation around a particular topic. Hashtags are invaluable for businesses to find out what the audience sentiment is around their product or service.

Custom apps (also called tabs) on Facebook are also gaining popularity because they allow companies to add functionality on their Business page that can directly aid in bringing leads. These custom apps could be announcing an upcoming event, running a contest, integrating a quiz or poll, adding a customer review section or something else. There are hundreds of custom apps one can choose from, in keeping with business requirements of course. All the same, if you have a custom app in mind, you can trust the programmers from Nova Solutions to create one that is both attractive and effective.

Social Media and Analytics

Just like SEO and PPC, Social Media also needs analytics and constant monitoring for a company to know how its brand is being perceived, and whether its social media marketing effort is working at all. There are several social media apps and analytics tools available that can give you real-time comments about your services and product.

Our social media management team at Nova Solutions use analytics to find out which posts are being liked and shared, which hashtags are trending and what is the conversation surrounding the brand. This monitoring helps us to further refine our social media strategy and achieve better results for you.

Why Choose Nova Solutions

No social media management company can speak on behalf of another organisation without understanding their message and brand goals. We at Nova Solutions start any process by sitting down with our clients and clearly understanding their goals, target market and other factors.

We also understand that no two brands or industries are alike, and each requires its own unique social media strategy. You wouldn’t want to see the same kind of Facebook page for both a shredding company and a Thai restaurant, would you? Nova Solutions devices a custom plan for your business to maximum audience engagement and traffic to your website. Nova Solutions excels at creative, technical and analytics’ aspect of social media, thereby ensuring you get full value for what you spend.

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