Understanding Google RankBrain And Its Importance In SEO


Google RankBrain Algorithm


Search engine optimization has changed over the years. Google’s Algorithms are designed to give users a great experience as brands are forced to produce better quality content consistently in order to sustain top rankings. Before you invest in SEO it’s worth knowing how Google algorithms work and build a strategy that will remain effective in future years. RankBrain was rolled out by Google in 2015 to give users the best search results based on their behavior on the web.


Today, when you hire a SEO company in Chicago, don’t expect your website to be at the top of search results after building links and stuffing keywords on your web pages. These tactics no longer work. Although link building and use of keywords still matters, you need to know how to build web pages that rank high and will sustain the top rankings for a long time to come.


Create Great Content

Coming up with content that is unique, engaging and relevant is never easy. But great content will earn you instant backlinks from high-ranking websites and keep your business on the map. Finding evergreen content on a consistent basis is hard for every online marketing company or blogger but it can be done. Remember that content in which you’ve stuffed keywords or has lots of outbound links will have a negative impact on your rankings. Strategies like article submissions and directory submissions are no longer effective. You need to look for SEO strategies techniques that are still relevant and today creativity is key in content creation.


Use CTAs

The correct use of CTAs in your content can help to keep people on your site for longer and also improve conversions. Remember that when people are on the website for longer, it can work positively for your rankings because it’s an indication that their level of interest in your product is high. Use Call to Action sparingly on your content without making users feel forced into buying products.


How RankBrain Works

RankBrain was designed by Google to help people get the best search results possible. Every day, it is estimated that there are 500 million new search queries and Google has to figure out the best possible results for these searches. RankBrain is one of the technologies used to determine the best results to show people.


RankBrain considers 5 important ranking factors when showing search results: keywords, related topics, freshness, engagement and domain authority. This simply means that if your content is current and it has shown engagement on the different platforms you’ve shared it, it’s more likely to appear on search results. The content also needs to have relevant keywords and your domain authority will come into play before the page appears on search results.


One thing that you need to do in your online marketing is to take time and update your website content regularly. Use structured data that tells search engines about how your web pages should be displayed and the kind of information they are offering.

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