Tips To Improve Website Conversion Rate


Website Conversion Rate


Having trouble turning your website visitors into customers? The competition online is massive. It’s become a real challenge to convert the people who visit your website into customers right away. We are going to look at ways to improve website conversion effectively.


Offers With A Limited Period

Whenever you have an offer, make it clear to your customers that it will only be available for a short period of time. Creating urgency helps to convert more people. If customers think that you are offering a one-time deal, they will convert so that they don’t miss out on the opportunity. You can show time left on each offer or indicate that the stocks are limited to get more people to buy.


Work On Your Page Load Speed

If your website takes too long to load, you will have a high bounce rate and low conversion rate. Working with an experienced SEO company in Chicago will not only help you to market your products but also ensure your site maintains a fast loading time. Ideally, your site shouldn’t take longer than 4 seconds to load. To increase site load speed, optimize images, get rid of flash players and make sure you have a reliable hosting service.


Post Content That Is Readable

No matter how interesting your content is, it will not convert web visitors if it’s not readable. Make use of white space, break down content into shorter paragraphs and make use of headers. Use a font that is clear and readable so that users don’t strain when maneuvering your website.


Engaging Web Copy

The best web content is interesting, relevant and engaging to users. Don’t use a boring and dull tone if you want to keep people on your website for longer. Take time to create content that is likely to convince your web visitors to become customers.


Use Visual Content

Proper use of pictures and videos in your web copy can help to improve conversions. If it’s a product you are selling, make sure you have quality pictures that clearly show how it looks. You can even display pictures of your customers who are using the product. Videos can also be used to show how the product or service works. Other than demonstration videos, encourage your customers to leave video reviews which you can share on your website. Videos can be used in online marketing campaign to keep visitors on your site for longer.


Display Reviews

Client reviews are important if you want to build trust and engage visitors on your website. Have reviews that show other people endorsing your product or service. You will create a positive image in the eyes of your consumers and attract them to visit your web pages again. Reviews also help in boosting website positions in SE.


Add A Live Chat Feature

To allow potential consumers to interact with your business online, have a live chat that pops up when someone visits your site. This will ensure that their questions are answered and any doubts are cleared right there and then.


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