Siri, Safari And Google Search: What It Implies To Marketers


Siri Safary Google Search



Apple’s recent significant changes and updates to Siri and Safari have had a major impact on the search marketing industry. Results for Siri will no longer be provided by Bing but by Google. And this development encompasses two of the major areas of modern search marketing; that is mobile and voice search. All SEO experts in Chicago will be paying great attention to the shifts in their marketing strategies and their reporting.

The launch of Apple’s new browser Safari, also was met by great controversy that will significantly affect the digital media industry. Apple made consumer privacy its number one priority. It has made major impact on how advertisers approach tracking and reporting on digital marketing campaigns.


Apple Moves Siri Searches To Google

Formerly, all apple searches were being generated on Siri. Google has been selected as the default provider of search results via Apple’s voice-enabled digital assistant Siri, though however, image search results will still be powered by Siri.  Apple stated its reason for the switch was to provide consistent web search experience alongside Safari results which are provided by Google by default. If Siri’s answers are not adequate, Apple devices users will now be sent through to a Google search result page to browse other links.


How It Will Affect Search Marketers

An inverse correlation will be experienced between a number of Google searches and a number of Bing searches that marketers see in their reports according to how much consumers use Siri. For organic searches, focus will be on providing the most relevant answers and increase the likelihood that Siri will select your content. As this may seem to be a seismic shift, core principles of voice search and mobile SEO will remain constant. The move was purely to bring adequate results in line with Apple’s browser Safari, which has also been the recipient of some radical overhauls.


Safari Updates

With its main aim being improving the user experience, Apple has updated its Safari browser in ways that affect the capturing, processing and sharing of user data. With Safari accounting to a sizeable web traffic, and Google planning to have measures that will tackle invasive advertising practices, it’s crystal clear that they both want to protect users from irrelevant and intrusive advertising. Brands and publishers are also striving to give the best mobile experience since large traffic comes from mobiles and mobile users are in great control of what and how they view it.


How Do Seos Prepare For The Changes?

This maybe a big move but may be however not a revolutionary change to many SEO companies in Chicago, but may affect other marketing disciplines. But let me point out some very crucial points here. Those that will positively embrace these changes will reap great rewards. Why? Consumers are in great control and the onus is on brands and advertisers to create experiences that will draw engagement. The focus should be in creating genuine connections together with this transition through data-driven content which is one that may soon apply to many areas of digital marketing.


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