SEO Tips: 8 Things You’re Doing Wrong


SEO Tips


Did you know that more than 75% of web users do not scroll past the first SERP when looking for something online? This is according to a research that was done by the Search Engine Journal. The right SEO techniques can put you ahead of your competition and increase your business conversion rates. However, negative SEO can have a poor effect on your website rankings. We’ll show you 8 mistakes you’re probably making when trying to improve your website rankings.


Focus On Too Much Content Instead Of Quality

Quality content is paramount to a top ranking on Google. As much as search engine bots will crawl the web page, making sure it has quality content will help it rank higher and get indexed much faster.


Duplicated Content

Having content that is not unique is a big problem that can even land you in trouble. If you have duplicated pieces of content from other sources on the web, search engine spiders will soon find it and lower your page’s ranking. You even risk being penalized by Google for duplicate content.


Poorly Done Keyword Research

A keyword research must be done before you begin optimizing web pages for search engines. When choosing your keywords, think of what will bring in your target customers. Will your choice of keywords generate conversions? If the customers you pull to your web pages are unlikely to convert, you need to review your keywords.


Failing To Focus On User Engagement

Content that engages users ranks higher online. Think of content such as videos, infographics and quotes that push people to comment, share and like. These are forms of interaction which search engines give a lot of importance.


You Don’t Optimize Title Tags

Title tag optimization is key in SEO. Have headings that include variations of a given keyword. Keywords should also be included in the subheadings of your content. Don’t just include the keywords within the textual content. The best kind of content is one that’s broken down into h1, h2, h3 title tags.


Keyword Stuffing

This is one of the worst habits any SEO can practice at this day and age. Piling keywords within content may not only undermine your rankings but also make it unreadable. Only use relevant keywords within your web page and make sure you use them in moderation. While writing content, don’t just think about search engines but keep your audience in mind too.


You Don’t Have A Blogging Plan

You need a good blog strategy in order to help you create a platform that improves your search rankings. Blogs are powerful tools to get customers convert while on your website. Make a point of offering readers meaningful content and they’ll always want to buy whatever you sell. Don’t just use your platform as a promotional tool.


Thin And Irrelevant Content

You may have the best writing skills but it doesn’t improve your rankings if you fail to include relevant keywords and provide an in-depth analysis of the subject. Content that covers the subject in detail is likely to rank higher than the one that’s brief.


Avoid these SEO mistakes and you should be well on your way to enjoying a top ranking.



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