SEO Interplay Comprehension And Earning a 5-Star Reputation


Five Stars Reputation Online


SEO Chicago professionals point out that online reviews are a fundamental part of local research since 97% of consumers read online reviews and 85% report that they fully trust and personally recommend online business reviews. It’s not just about getting reviews, but when you get them.


Influence Of Reviews On Local Search

Consumers, and most importantly search engine results, are largely influenced by online reviews. SEO experts believe that review signals in terms of quantity, velocity and diversity determine 13% of local pack rankings and 7% of organic rankings in google. The strongholds of local search are relevance, proximity and authority and reviews influence these three pillars by content and context addition. Content provides additional keywords associated with the business which contributes to relevance. Improvement of proximity is got by looking at reviewers for confirmation that the business location and details are accurate. Nova Solutions is a SEO company in Chicago that helps businesses rank well on google through reviews and pursue their target audience.


Controlling Business Information

Google collects information from review sites in order to improve search results. Google uses business information for two types search: local and organic. On organic part, google derives information from your website, and reviews from sites like Facebook, Yelp, Wikipedia and Wikidata. Always visit these sources to make sure they got accurate and up-to-date information. On the local side, they use Google My Business to derive things like photos, business type, and general history. Owners can control this information by making updates. Google may give review sites a lot of power hence can override the business information.


Google’s Knowledge Panel

Google’s Knowledge Panel is essential for users especially on mobile devices. It helps them research a business and reviews without even going to review sites, and take action. However, these results are still determined by relevance, authority and proximity but also reviews play a major role in search rankings and hitting a five-star reputation. Remember, there is no substitute for online reputation.


Reviews Promotion

Google researches give back mixed results where some industries have star ratings and others got no reviews. If you want to add reviews on your searches in SEO, emphasize on structured data markup that gives search engines more information about your website. Stars are displayed by google as rich snippets if there are valid reviews, but there are strict regulations to follow when including reviews on their websites.

– Ratings MUST be sourced directly from users

– Reviews from human editors may be critic, hence don’t rely on them

– Ratings information must be collected from users only and not other sites


Control Of Bad Reviews

Reviews are a valuable aspect to bring up potential customers, but negative reviews would damage a business image and drive away potential targets. More regretfully, there is no simple solution or quick fix to manage bad reviews. Moreover, its violation of Yelp and Google’s terms of service to create fake positive reviews for reputation. This may as well lead to penalties from Google. However, the recommended solution from experts is to build a solid reputation by enhancing customer service and setting the right expectations and address the customer complaints.


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