Optimizing Your Google My Business Listing For Better Visibility


Google My Business



For any online marketing project in Chicago it is very important that you keep your Google My Business listings up to date, update accurate store hours, phone numbers and addresses if you want to have results. But what would make you stand out of the rest? Here are some seemingly simple hacks that make a whole lot difference in your GMB listing.


Address Standardization

Making sure that your store address is updated and accurate is not enough. The address must follow recognized and standardized guidelines. This means that your address must be in the acceptable format and follow standards stipulated by the United States Postal Service (USPS). For organizations outside United States, check with your national guidelines on address standards. This may be a minor thing but will greatly help your local page ranking.


Geocode Precision

Geocodes are generated by Google My Business through your listing address which gives the location of your business on Google Maps. It’s not uncommon that some businesses have inaccurate geocodes which in turn puts your store maybe a few blocks away from its actual position or in a nearby intersection. You want to ensure that your geocodes are precise so that your clients can find you easily.


Listing Categories

The more precise you become with your listing, the more likely your listing will appear for match searches hence Google tries to improve and update its search engine so it returns results that cover well the needs of the users. Dig a little deeper to provide accurate characterization of your business and you will end up having better results.


Proximity To Search

Don’t be tempted to list your business that is located near a larger city, as its metropolis. Google won’t be fooled since it takes location and proximity into consideration when calculating local page ranking. Hence, it would only hurt the business’ visibility and you won’t be able to rank for searches done in your area.


Cultivate And Respond To Reviews

Unknown quantities never attract customers. Always encourage your customers to leave online reviews so that GMB may collect them there. Remember the more the reviews the more exposure your business gets. Also respond to both negative and positive reviews.


Create Engagement Content

Interact with your customers and also potential customers. Don’t let your website be dormant, create new materials and also use Google Posts to publish events, promotions, offers and other business events.


Add Relevant Images

Customers like doing research online before visiting, and look for photos of products and the setting. Hence uploading images can help greatly in your local rankings.


Optimizing Those Listings

The most interesting thing is none of these suggestions is time consuming and all are easy to optimize on your Google My Business listing and website. Remember every little change on the right track gives you a better competitive edge and gets you greater potential to increase online traffic.


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