Local SEO Ranking Factors That Can Be Measured By Number


Local Search Marketing


The SEO questions giving most online business owners sleepless nights are: is Google shifting away from traditional local signals? Does GMB still work? What is the deal with reviews? A wise man noted that, “Data suggests that Google, while attempting to shift to more engagement-based and locally relevant factors for its Local algorithm, is still susceptible to the organic traditional SEO tactics. The immaturity of the Local algorithm combined with the power of a focused SEO effort can yield outsized benefits for smart location-marketers. This study illustrates the foundational building blocks of a local SEO campaign with the goal of helping marketers prioritize their investments tactics that will move the needle.”

Most importantly to put into mind is that, local and organic search algorithms are highly interconnected. Meaning that, if you rank highly in organic search, you are probably doing the same in local searches also. However, here are the factors related with pack performance which could be measured by a number.


Google My Business

Reviews are obviously the key factor of ranking Google My Business pack results. The uniqueness with reviews is that it’s hard to spam, and the most problematic type of use is illegal. It also lets Google compare online to offline ranking factors. One more thing that matters with Google My Business is engagement. Google uses engagement to order search results hence things like photos, are content for your users to engage with which means they are likely valuable in several different ranking contexts.



Websites that rank tend to have high quality and DA links, and that’s seems reasonable. Gaining a third-party website with Domain Authority 70+ referring to your home page or service page will help to earn trust from Google. Additionally, winners in local packs have at some point invested in hiring an SEO expert. All of this is pure evidence of substantial involvement in ordering packs of the organic algorithms.


Off-Site Local Signals

Correlation with these types of factors is going down, as this shows that they won’t differentiate you from top ten local search results. This shouldn’t be a shock since we all know that organic algorithm is a key driver of local algorithm. However, at some point they may provide a competitive value and it’s only through reviews and links on the citation sites. Pay great attention to places that drive you leads, fix your local data, and capitalize on the potential for citation links if you are a multi-location brand.



To be successful in SEO you have to have a holistic plan that mostly emphasizes on your website. If you want to be in local searches, then you have to make sure you shine in organic search. Because if you rank in organic search then local search will be a walk in the park for you. A clever Chicago SEO expert says that: if you want to rank for a term, make sure it’s on the page you want to rank.


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