How To Ensure Web Design And SEO Are Done Right The First Time


Web Design And SEO


Web design and SEO somehow go hand in hand. The way your website has been designed will somehow affect its rankings. On the other hand, a good web design without proper search engine optimization will undermine your search performance. That’s why marketing teams work closely with web designers to build and maintain a successful website.

Having worked for different industries in design and marketing their websites, we are happy to share a few best practices that will ensure your web pages are designed well and rank highly on search engines.


Always Offer A Great User Experience

Usability is not just important to keep customers on your website for longer, it’s also a key ranking factor that search engines consider when indexing your web pages. The best way to ensure that your web users keep coming back is to make the site easy to use and provide relevant information. Poor navigation or overusing pop ups will frustrate the user and make many people click away.

How can you tell that your site provides a great user experience? First things first, you can check the time spent on a page or site. If you have visitors spending a lot of time browsing different pages on the site, it could mean that they are finding it easy to use. The other way to tell is if you have high volumes of inbound links or a good number of social shares.


Ensure Content Can Be Indexed And Crawled By Search Engines

Search engines look through links in order to crawl and index content accordingly. If your site has broken links, it works against your rankings. You have to make sure the site structure allows for search engine bots to get to each page and rank it. From a design perspective, you need to aim at coming up with a site structure that is intuitive. From an SEO perspective, you need to ensure the pages are crawlable by distributing the internal links well. Have your most important content appearing high in your site’s architecture. This includes information such as your top-level service and most important product categories.


Think Through The Website Redesign

Sometimes redesigning your website can lead to significant losses in SEO value. Before you even start the redesign process, get a current view of your site including all the pages with relevant information and their rankings. Look for redundant or outdated pages and redirect them to your new site. Make sure all your content is transferred during the redesign and that high valued content is well maintained on the new architecture.


Quality Content Is Still Key

Modern SEO focuses more on quality as opposed to quantity. So think about this when coming up with SEO strategies as well as design elements for your website. For instance, instead of stuffing keywords throughout the page, create meaningful and relevant content that your users will love. Don’t flood your website with advertising banners or graphics that distract the user. Always remember that less is more.



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