Google Tips To Supercharge Your Shopping Ads


Online Shopping Ads


If you are looking to promote your local and online inventory, shopping ads is the way to go. And since introduction, they have been great and continue to improve day in day out. If you wish to take your shopping campaign to the next level, here are top seven things you should definitely try:


Emphasize On Product Data

Most people are applying a traditional paid search mentality to their shopping campaigns. SEO Chicago observes that while this could be a good thing, there are pitfalls to avoid. Let your product data do the talking and shed your search ad mentality. Focus on your product data. The difference is that you will have product data (instead of keyword list), which will account for different situations which keywords won’t always match the intent. Trying to force shopping ad into a text mentality, will only do more harm than good.


Smart Bidding

Use smart bidding to set bids at the query level. You can try to optimize product-by-product with your shopping ads. Bids set by ECPC and ROAS based on specific context of each and every query however, can have wildly different values. Smart bidding is the only way to get to each specific query.


Showcase Shopping Ads

Present a more complete picture of your brand. That is, build your brand with showcase shopping ad. Showcase shopping ads are more likely to show when people search for general items, and hence show off a selection of products you offer.


Entire Inventory Submission

Submit your entire inventory with all your product lists to Merchant Center. The more diversification implied on products, the higher the chances to get in front of customers. The goal of the SEO company in Chicago is to deliver positive results including ads for users, advertisers and Google hence the more stuff you give them to work on, the better user experience they can deliver.


Move Beyond Last-Click Attribution

Search engines may sometimes take advantage of data-driven attribution in AdWords. Hence if you don’t have enough traffic experts recommends choosing a rules-based model that values all touch points.


Connect Your Ads To Physical Stores

Over 25% of people who view your store online are likely to make purchases. And that’s why your local inventory ads should contain your physical inventory since it’s going to drive foot traffic to your stores.


Teamwork Communication

Last but not least it is important to make sure you establish clear lines of communication with other teams. A shopping ad assembles information and data to deliver an ad to a user and for large retailers it takes teamwork to ensure that you’ve provided Google with comprehensive and complete data for the best possible ad. You may also be forced to work with different teams for things like data feeds, product catalog, product pricing, etc. We can never overstate the importance of team work since you are all working towards the same goal. And Google stated that its giving marketers more controls to modify and improve their product data directly in Merchant Center.


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