Changing SEO Trends That Will Dominate Online Marketing In 2018


SEO Trends 2018


It looks like 2018 will be an interesting and intriguing year for SEO. Website optimisation can be a complex science especially for the uninitiated. What is even more confusing for most is that there’s so much to know, and just when you think you’re done, something new pops up demanding to be mastered. Search engines are constantly trying to improve the search experience for users hence some factors shift shape, others fall into oblivion while purely new ones sprout out from nowhere. So what do we expect in 2018 and how do you prepare for each?


The Rise Of SERP Features

SERP features such as local packs, knowledge panels and featured snippets are capturing searchers attention and stealing clicks from organic listings. First you consider the google SERP evolution to establish where to venture in. You will also need to track your rankings within these features. Also, monitor the features that show up for your keywords that may be diverting your traffic. With the help of a Chicago SEO expert, you can measure the ephemerality of SERP features.


Structured Data

This is a way of formatting HTML that uses specific vocabulary, telling search engines how to interpret and display content in the SERPS. Structured data enhances your search listings by Think Knowledge Graph panels and rich snippets. There are several structured data formats and go on and have them. They will increase your listings’ CTR by 30 percent which in turn boost rankings. Most SEO experts, stick to formats.


Survival For The Fastest

Search Engine Optimization points that page load speed is very crucial. It’s a major UX factor which impacts rankings directly. For instance, Google expects pages to load in 3 seconds. In order to determine how well or poorly you are doing against this benchmark, take a Google speed test. On WebSite Auditor, google will help you test pages and for any problem, you’ll have an explanation and how-to-fix advice.


Relevance 2.0

It’s not easy to convince Google that you have relevant content when you don’t, and you get even easily penalized for trying. Google assesses content quality and analyzes the best performing results to decide whether a piece of content is comprehensive enough. How do you know you got valuable content? On WebSite Auditor, in TF-IDF tool, calculate the TF-IDF score for each term used on each page by analyzing the top ten pages.


Voice Search

This is the real deal. It’s growing faster than type search. This is because, voice searchers use normal, conversational sentences other than the odd queries. Rank Tracker from Google can help to research on questions that voice researchers are likely to ask.


Mobile Is The Game Plan

Over half of google researchers are mostly using mobile devices. So, check off if your pages are mobile friendly. And Google’s mobile test is also available in WebSite Auditor.


‘Linkless’ Backlinks

With changing times, linkless options are becoming an off-page signal of equal weight as links. Many experts say that Google and Blink are using unlinked mentions for ranking. Use Awario apps to find mentions of your brand.


SERP’s Personalization

One of the leading SEO companies in Chicago say that information about the user, such as location, search history and interests, personalizes results hence over half searches are personalized. You need to ensure that you are custom tailoring your content to suit your audience/customers.


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