A Simple Guide To A Brand Humanization


Brand Humanization Marketing Strategy


Every organization is made up of people. It’s important for consumers to understand that they are dealing with people. It boosts trust and credibility consequently improving the brand’s conversion rates. Some brands with a massive online presence fail to convert customers because they are considered “faceless”. They post endless advertisements which sound robotic. We’ll show you ways to make your content more “human” by making sure people can relate with what you share and feel like there are people behind the organization.


Make Good Use Of Humor

Using some form of humor in your content can work magic. Use humor to prevent your company from looking boring and dull. Humor works really well especially on social media because people feel attached and find it relatable. Look for humor infused content ideas that can come from your local SEO company in Chicago or be shared among the members of your team.


Find A Fictitious Voice For Your Brand

No matter how well-designed your website or logo is, it cannot speak for the brand. Customers connect better to the human voice. You can create a fictitious character that becomes the voice of your company. McDonald has used a mascot which is widely recognized as the voice of the company. To get some good ideas work with your internet marketing company and research animation characters that have been used by successful brands. Make sure the character you choose is in line with your business. Look for a character that appeals to your target audience be it kids, students or business people.


Avoid Too Much Jargon

No matter your industry, using too much jargon can turn people away. Stick to language that is easy to understand and follow through. Remember that the idea is to ensure people are informed and educated by what you share. Customers are more likely to feel a human touch if they find the content easy to understand. For instance, you can change how you reply to customers on email. Instead of replying “Thank You”, you can write “Cheers Mate”. Use language that is friendly to connect with your followers. Easy to read language can go a long way in boosting your website rankings.


Post Relatable Photos

If you sell products online, ensure that the photos you have on your page reflect how the product looks in real life. For instance, the color of the product should match what is on the eCommerce page. When you have varying products, people will doubt your product and this will undermine your credibility. If using the photos and videos for online marketing, ensure they are optimized with proper keywords before sharing.


Always Engage With Consumers

It’s very important to respond to customers whenever they pose a question. Online users are so impatient and they always expect an immediate response after engaging a brand via social media channels. If you are wrong, always take time to apologize to your consumers. There’s really nothing wrong with admitting a mistake. It actually helps to humanize your brand and show people that you are willing to make things better. If consumers perceive your brand as arrogant, you will be the one to lose out.


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