A Close Look At Google Updates Rolled Out In The First Half 2017


2017 Google Updates


2017 has been a busy year for webmasters, website owners and SEO professionals. After all, trying to monitor websites, keep the content at par and stay away from negative SEO is no simple task. Though we still have a few months to close the year in style, we’ll take a look at some Google updates that have been made so far and the impact they have on our websites.


January – Pop ups that hinder user experience in mobile search

Early this year, Google rolled out an algorithm update that affected mobile sites that compromised user experience through the use of pop ups. Pop ups can make it hard for users to access content on a web page and even interfere with site load speed. Google announced earlier in the year that this is one of the factors that’s going to determine a site’s ranking.


February – A raid on all black hart strategies

In February this year, SEOs anticipated a major algorithm update from Google. There were major speculations that the search engine would detect and discount all websites that had spammy links. Many webmasters who had used black hat SEO techniques (can you imagine, they still do it in 2017!) on their web pages experienced a major drop in ranking during this month.


March –  Changes in keyword bidding

The biggest change in March affected the exact keyword match in Google Adwords. PPC advertisers were hardest hit when Google announced that it had removed close keyword variations as a requirement. An exact match keyword now also includes the words and phrases that have misspellings, singular forms, stemmings among other variations.


April – Similar items on mobile search

In a bid to improve mobile search, Google now has similar items feature on mobile search results. It is now more important than ever for store owners to optimize their images for search. This is because it’s easy for someone to land on your product via image search and end up buying it. Google adwords also introduced smart display campaigns where webmasters can enjoy the easy automated ads, designs, bidding and targeting.


May – Important Adsense updates

In May 2017, Google rolled out two important changes to Adsense. To begin with, they launched a brand-new policy center. This included all details webmasters can sue to know about the actions they take that impact on their ads and pages. The other update involved using a better technology to get rid of violating ads and prevent them from showing on certain pages.


June – Unknown

There are websites that were hard hit with traffic levels reducing significantly and rankings fluctuating. However, Google never claimed to have rolled out any update nor did they deny. It makes more sense to always utilize the best SEO practices to improve your website rankings. Always be aware that Google updates can occur anytime and your site needs to be well prepared for it. Avoid negative SEO that could land you in trouble when the next update is rolled out. Keep monitoring your web pages and you’ll be safe.



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