6 Tips To Make Your Video Go Viral


Creating Viral Video


It’s every marketer’s dream to create content that goes viral. Viral content can turn tables for your company overnight. Videos can be used by a online marketing company as an effective tool to create viral content. Sometimes high-quality videos that take so much time and money to create fail to go viral. In other times, videos that look poorly done and useless get the most attention. You have to learn the elements in your content that are likely to draw people’s attention.


1. Create A Shareable Video

First and foremost, you have to ensure the content in your video is going to make people want to share it. Content that is unique, captivating and relevant is likely to be shared. People share things that they are interested and can engage in.


2. Understand Your Audience

Create a video with the needs of your audience in mind. Understand their beliefs and interest then look for content that would likely evoke strong feelings. Watch out for videos that alienate or embarrass your target audience. You might end up with a video that causes criticism which works negatively for your brand. Your marketing consultant can help you to come up with video ideas that suit your target audience.


3. Humanize The Content

Viral videos always have a human touch. They trigger certain emotions such as joy, sadness, pain and laughter after watching them. Don’t make a video that looks so robotic because no one will relate to the content. Focus on evoking emotions such as happiness, surprise and admiration when creating your video content. Avoid videos that trigger anger because this can do more harm than good to your brand. If you have to evoke anger by showing some form of injustice in your video, make sure you provide a solution in your video content.


4. Keep It Short And Sweet

No one wants to watch a video that drags on and on. The best videos are short, under 2-3 minutes. Shorter videos get more engagement (likes, shares and comments). You need to be able to put your point across in the first 10 seconds so that you are able to capture the audience’s attention instantly.


5. Tell A Story

One of the major mistakes that people make with video marketing is preaching rather than telling a story. For instance, if you offer online marketing in Chicago, it would be best to create a video to share tips and tricks to build authority in their field. However, if you produce video that shows how great you are in online advertising and what you did for other clients, you might not attract as much interest.


6. Share The Video

It’s important to get people to watch your video by sharing it online. Don’t just publish the video on YouTube and expect it to go viral. You can share with other social media accounts and ensure you put a good description for the video. Also encourage your viewers to subscribe to your channel so that you can reach out to a larger audience with your future videos.


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