5 Website Optimization Strategies That Need To Be Done Differently


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If you do the same thing and expect different results, that’s insanity. How long will you continue using the same website optimization tricks and expecting a positive result? It’s time to make some desirable changes. Remember that the moods and behavior of online users change. Search algorithms also change and for your brand to remain ahead of the game, it needs to use the latest optimization techniques. Before you invest in SEO for your business in Chicago, let’s look at a few optimization tricks that you need to re-evaluate.


Focus On One Good Blog

Running too many blogs is likely to be overwhelming and you won’t put as much effort to each as you should. You’d rather have one good blog that you can dedicate your time and energy to come up with the best content and drive it to achieve success. Ask any SEO expert in Chicago and they’ll tell you that ranking a blog is no easy task. It requires a lot of dedication and effort in the right direction. When you have too many blogs to deal with, chances are that you won’t put in the desired effort.


Don’t Upload Too Many Podcasts

Podcasts should be used to drive an audience by creating engaging and interesting information. Many marketers go wrong by uploading too many podcasts on the same topics. They repeat the same information over and over which makes people lose their interest in the brand. Focus on quality instead of quantity when it comes to podcasts. If you upload new podcasts that share information on different topics, you will earn bigger rewards and keep your audience engaged for longer. Remember to exercise patience because the best things can take time to bring out real results.


Stop Overdoing Linkedin Messages

LinkedIn messages can be an effective tool to keep professionals interested in your brand. However, when you keep on sending bulk messages to people, you will quickly lose out. Overmarketing can hurt your brand image. People will stop following your company because your interest is to sell rather than provide quality, fresh and relevant information to your followers. You would need to learn how to plan and execute a social media strategy that will benefit your online presence.


Print Media Is Still Effective

Online marketing Chicago has evolved but it still cannot undo the importance of print media. Due to the overwhelming amount of content on the web, people cannot remember your marketing message for longer. You need to think of ways to use print media to keep your brand in the mind of your target audience for much longer. This can be done by sending your potential customers a customized card or gift. They’ll keep that card in their homes or wall and this means your brand gets more awareness.


Get Rid Of Unnecessary Website Features

The best performing websites are easy to navigate and have a fast loading speed. Forget about all those unnecessary features that do not add to the reliability of your web pages. Focus on features that will not undermine the site load speed, responsiveness and reliability. Go for a simple layout and make sure customers can quickly find what they need. A web development company with experience can audit your website and come up with good recommendations on how to enhance conversions.


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