3 Ways To Get Social Media Influencers Working For You At No Cost

Social Media In SEO
When you are just starting out, or budget is tight, you need to figure out ways to get the most benefits without spending lots of money. Social media influencers have helped many brands to improve their conversion rates. There’s certainly a huge value derived from working with influencers. Whether you are looking to improve your online marketing strategy in Chicago or build trust, influencers can be a valuable investment worth considering. Here are a few tips to collaborate with industry influencers at very little cost.


Establish Your Goals Of Influencer Collaboration

Do you intend to build awareness by partnering with a social media influencer? If your main goal is to get more purchases, engagement or loyal customers? List all the social media influencers who appeal to your target audience and state how each one can help your business. Do they support your business ideologies? Will they help you connect with your potential customer? Go through their social media channels to see what appeals on their platforms. Choose the ones that share content which is relatable to your product and their audience resonates well with it. Take time to choose the best influencers for your company and know what topics they should cover, the products/services their followers enjoy most and if they take time to engage with their followers.


Know What They Want To Achieve From The Partnership

Social media influencers are also looking to benefit from the partnership and this may not always mean getting money in return. They need to be able to see the real value and benefit of partnering with your brand. Will it help them to broaden their image? Will they be able to use your product to create valuable content? Some social media influencers are looking for relevant information on new products in the market in order to keep their followers engaged. You can approach an SEO company in Chicago to help you identify social media influencers who want to enhance their personality and keep their audience engaged.


Explain What You Have To Offer

As soon as you narrow down your list of possible influencers, the next step is to reach out to them and explain what you need from them and what you’re offering them in return. Explain how your partnership will benefit both parties. You can even send them a number of products which they can use and review for their audience. If you are dealing with a Chicago SEO company then in such cases, send them a thank you note explaining why your business is important to them. Offer a different kind of value. For instance, if you are an online company offering web development and SEO in Chicago, consider offering your services to the influencer for free. You can design a nice logo for the influencer. Do a business exchange that will lure the influencer to collaborate with you.


Another way could be taking note of milestones like birthdays or upcoming events for your influencers and sending them a gift. This will build long lasting relationships that will help your brand in the long run.


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