11 Ways To Convince Your Boss To Turn To SEO


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You may have tested and been impressed by SEO, but you still work under your superiors. How do you get them to understand and believe the value of SEO? Here are few tips on how you can convince your boss to go for online marketing.


1. Sell The Idea Of Cumulative Growth

If you’re trying to get a buy-in, don’t try sell the idea in terms of rankings. The key thing here is that SEO allows for the possibility of cumulative growth. Let your bosses know that investing $1 now will give them a monthly income of 10 cents. That means, an ROI of $1.2 yearly, $3.6 after 3 years and so on. Using real data, it becomes obvious that investing in SEO is a smart strategy of maximizing ROI.


2. Dissipate The SEO Myths

Before trying to get your bosses to hire a SEO company in Chicago, understand all the misconceptions surrounding SEO. Make them understand that SEO is purely marketing and its strategies are more effective if the guidelines set by search engines are followed.


3. Warn About Things That May Bring Penalties

Ignorance of SEO can cause an e-commerce brand to stumble headlong into the undesirable black hat tactics that will eventually bring down your brand. Tactics such paying for links, creating duplicate content, allowing hacking and allowing user-generated content drag down the quality of the content.


4. Highlight Benefits Of Existing Organic Search Data

Make sure you highlight how much the existing search engine data is impacting your brand or organization to your superiors. Then use this as an opportunity to recommend more investment in organic search by involving an SEO expert.


5. Estimate Competitor Search Performance

Though it may prove hard to estimate what a competitor is earning from SEO, you can estimate how much they get for keywords using certain tools such as SEMrush which will give you the financial value of that traffic. This research shows that SEO is a legitimate practice that gives results.


6. Point Out The Side Benefits

It’s important to point out what the processes of SEO entail. Emphasize on cohesive value of SEO and highlight its benefits other than just the organic search. Go beyond the search. Discuss what being found easily by potential customers on search engines means to you.


7. Explain That SEO Involves The Entire Funnel

Most executives will be under the impression that there is no need to invest in a SEO company if their brand name is still ranking. Make them understand that organic search helps to capture demand even when a searcher isn’t familiar with your brand.


8. Use A Rigorous Game Plan

Speak to management in their own language. You should have specific goals, required resources, deliverables, and tasks.


9. Don’t Neglect The Sales Team

Communicating and fully involving your sales team and their needs, is a plan that is likely to be taken more seriously by the executives.


10. Draw Attention To How SEO Mistakes Have Hurt Performance

Watch out for drops in search performance, and have reasons why they happen. Also make sure for each problem you have remedies, recovery game plan and beyond.


11. Have A Proof Of Concept

Show them what you’ve done, and achieved through investing in SEO with the available resources. Management heads are turned by results.



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