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Nova Solutions Chicago: SEO Experts

Nova Solutions offers digital marketing expertise in the Chicago area for firms who want to have their services appear in the top results when potential clients start their online inquiry into which firms match their legal needs.

SEO is the cornerstone of the digital marketing services we offer for attorneys, and law firms of all sizes.

Search engines such as Google are governed by algorithms that help to rank all businesses in accordance with the relevancy of the search terms inputted by the user.

In short, if you want to grow your client base, and maximize your law firm internet marketing, you need a digital marketing team that can tailor your internet presence to exactly what clients are typing into their search engines.

Many law firms have years of experience in criminal defence, personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, representing clients in court, settling out of court, real estate, wills and estates and believe that these qualities will naturally bring them clients.

The problem is that your company profile and experience will not rank high in search engine queries unless your internet presence is tailored to match the most popular search queries and local area searches in Chicago.

Nova Solutions specializes in creating a successful internet presence for law firms that both matches local area search terms and the top keywords for clients searching for legal help in Chicago.

We know that law firms rely on long term relationships with their clients. Having clients that trust your expertise means they will keep coming back over the course of many years when they require legal assistance. Digital marketing and SEO is therefore essential to bring first time clients to your firm’s website and utilizing that exposure to help start a lasting relationship.

We know how important a first impression is for your firm’s chances to secure new clients. With proven results and case studies showing the success of our methods in digital marketing for lawyers and SEO for lawyers, Nova Solutions knows how to optimize websites for attorney marketing in Chicago.

Our Approach

Nova Solutions offers digital marketing services that will increase the type of traffic you want to your website: potential clients that input the most relevant searches for legal help of all kinds in the Chicago area.

Our keyword research and deployment are second to none and will generate the most popular and relevant searches for your type of law firm and the services you provide.

If you already have a website and a social media presence, know that this information needs to be targeted and optimized for your target audience. For proven results in law firm SEO, choose Nova Solutions Chicago.

We will enhance your firm’s internet presence in the following areas:

Content Generation

Our law firm web marketing experts know how to create the type of content your website needs. From word count, keyword usage, content writing, and calls to action, we know how to tailor your attorney and legal website content to what search engines are looking for.

SEO and Website Design for Lawyers Chicago

Our digital marketing team can provide a full range of content services for your firm, including researching and writing keyword rich and informative blog posts, video blog content for variety and authority, and company profile and service pages that give client’s all the information they need to confidently choose your firm.

Traffic Generation

Our team knows that organic traffic is the best kind of traffic. Experience has shown that the best conversion rates are found through users who find your website by searching in search engines and browsing the top organic results. Attracting users in this way relies on the ranking your law firm receives in search engines such as Google, and the higher you rank, the more authority your firm possesses in the eyes of the client.

Nova Solutions utilizes a wide variety of on-page SEO techniques that will customize your site design, layout, accessibility and structure, all with the goal of maximizing your site’s traffic.

We also know how to effectively deploy off-page SEO techniques that will build your authority through links from other websites. Some potential strategies include: submitting your content for posting on other blogs, reputable publications and periodicals, community forums, business listings, recommendation sites, and social media spaces.

Paid Search

Complimenting your organic search efforts, our paid search techniques are deployed carefully in order to not bring it the wrong type of traffic. Some strategies we use include pay-per-click advertising, re-marketing, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads and YouTube Marketing.

Website Optimization

Having a website is no longer enough to successfully compete in today’s digital marketing space for lawyers in Chicago. Gone are the days of law firm advertising where you can just build a website and forget about it. For great results and an expanding client base, your website needs to be analyzed and configured to maximize SEO for lawyers.

Nova Solutions Chicago will analyze the layout, infrastructure, link structure and deployment of your website to ensure it is operating at maximum capacity for SEO. This means fixing broken links, improving internal links between pages, analyzing word count and keyword deployment, and organizing the information for maximum results and flow for website visitors.

Let’s Get Started

Don’t lose another day to the competition because your internet presence is not optimized with the right law firm marketing strategies. Nova Solutions Chicago can bring your firm’s website to the next level. Contact us today to discuss how our approach can increase your internet traffic, grow your client base, and raise your company profile on the internet. For small law firm marketing teams looking to increase their results from local searches, to larger firms looking to expand even further by using legal internet marketing, Nova Solutions has you covered.

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