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Can I Manage PPC On My Own?

This is a question that many people ask. PPC is an especially time-consuming and strategic area in digital marketing. We don’t recommend that you do it by yourself for the simple reason that PPC accounts have to be actively managed for results to show.

When you work with a PPC Management Company like Nova Solutions, you get a team of experts to handle your account for you.

While PPC may look easy, it needs a good deal of expertise. PPC has also been evolving fast, with Google introducing several new upgrades and features to the existing model. Google’s Expanded Text Ads, ad extensions, devise-level bidding are all latest additions to PPC, and you don’t want to be missing out on any of these.

At Nova Solutions, PPC experts start off by identifying the right keywords for your business. Sometimes, the most popular keywords are not the most profitable ones. If these are highly competitive keywords, the bidding rates go through the roof, and you may find your advertising budget getting exhausted in no time. The better option is to go for keywords that are not as competitive and yet have a decent search volume.

Ad copy is another critical area of PPC. Ad copies should be relevant, crisp and appealing. It should have a catchy headline, a unique selling point and a quality landing page. To know what your USP is, you need your PPC expert to analyse your competitor’s ads and find how you can find a differentiator.

Once keywords and ad copy are ready, the next step for the PPC team is to visit the search engine and place bids on those words. While bidding, a maximum monthly budget is set, so that you know you are not going to get any unexpected bills.

Tracking and Monitoring PPC

Setting up a PPC account is only the starting point of your ad campaign. Its success depends on how the account is monitored with the use of analytics tools, and how skillfully it is managed. PPC goes hand in hand with analytics because once the ads start appearing, you need to know how well they are performing based on click-through-rates, bounce rates, conversion rates.

It is possible that some non-performing keywords would have to be dropped altogether. A/B testing is crucial to PPC to assess two different ads on the basis of their headlines and keywords. Importantly, PPC experts have to keep a tab on competitors and keep assessing your website’s performance to make sure it is performing at optimal levels.

PPC is one of the most effective internet marketing methods, but it does not come cheap and you would hence have to show results! Partnering with an experienced PPC Management Company like Nova Solutions ensures you have the best minds in the business working for you.


PPC can often be the first big step towards internet marketing, because it gives you instant results. Call Nova Solutions today and ask us how we can help you with you PPC efforts.

If you think your business could use this kind of improvement, contact Nova Solutions today and ask us how we can help you with our PPC services.

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Design and Landing Pages

Much of PPC’s efficacy depends on the quality of your landing pages. Landing pages are specifically designed for leads and conversions – that is their sole goal. When users click on your website url, they needs to be directed to the service/product they are currently interested in. However, many companies do not follow this best practise and instead direct traffic from their url to their homepage. This can prove to be a costly mistake. For e.g., let’s say you clicked on an ad that offers “snow cleaning services” but land up on the company’s homepage, and cannot see a link to snow cleaning services anywhere. You would be frustrated like anyone else.

Landing Pages are at the heart of PPC success and can be the difference between a good campaign and a mediocre one. At Nova Solutions, we have the best design experts to create clean, appealing landing pages that lead to conversions.

How Well Does PPC Work?

When you type in a keyword in Google, let’s say “plumbing services Chicago” you see a whole list of search results appear. The 3-5 results right on top with a small Ad symbol is PPC advertisement. Search engines have long known how critical it is for businesses to be listed on top of searches. Google and Bing have thus hit upon a profitable revenue model by allowing companies to bypass SEO and directly rank on the top of search engine results page (SERP) through PPC.

So how does PPC work? As a company, you have certain keywords for which you would like to rank high on SERP. Search engines allow you to place bids for your chosen keywords. When a user types in that particular keyword, a search engine like Google dips into its pool of AdWords advertisers and picks out a set of winners who will appear on the top three-five spots of SERP. Bidding price is however not everything in PPC. Search engines reward PPC advertisers with relevant keywords, quality landing ad copy and landing pages. When your click-through-rates (CTR) are high – meaning many people are clicking on your ad – it sends a positive message to search engines who find it worthwhile to lower your PPC rates, ensuring a strong ROI for PPC advertisers.

Why Choose Nova Solutions?

Pay-Per-Click is a quick and effective way to increase traffic and sales. When done right, it has the potential to be your most profitable channel for internet marketing. PPC needs to compliment your SEO and other digital marketing efforts, and must be handled by someone who has experience and skill.

PPC is a combination of marketing instinct, creativity and analysis, and you want to entrust this important digital marketing platform to someone who can bring you tangible results. Nova Solutions is recogonized as one of the most result-oriented PPC Management companies, with the expertise to get you a high ROI on investment. We are so confident of our skill in PPC that we guarantee a 20% increase in conversions. In fact, 20% is a modest figure we quote and in reality, our results fall in the 30-50% range.

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