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Website Design

A well-organised and effective website is at the heart of digital marketing. All the hard work you put into your SEO and PPC campaigns can be undone if the desired traffic comes to your page, but leaves dissatisfied. If your website takes too long to load, has an off-putting colour palette, or a difficult-to-read typeface, it can dissuade customers from engaging with you. For this reason, it is important that a lot of attention and care goes into you website. Effective web designs are easy to navigate, mobile friendly and have smaller load times.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You could make a great website, and have impressive content on it. But unless the website is found on search engines like Google, you won’t be getting any traffic. SEO makes it easy for search engine spiders to find your business and display it on search engine results page (SERP) whenever a customer searches for a specific keyword.
One of the reasons why you need professional help to do SEO is because Google keeps changing its algorithms. What was applicable in SEO just a couple of years ago is no more followed. Choosing a company like Nova Solutions, who have experience in on page and off page SEO techniques like backlinks, meta and title tags and responsive design, will enable you to rank higher on search engines.
Steer clear of internet marketing agencies who promise to get you a certain ranking on Google through SEO. Search Engine Optimisation requires consistent effort and patience, and there is no quick-fix. Companies who boast about being able to get you No 1 ranking on Google are lying, or are stretching the line of ethics. Google is getting stricter about SERP manipulation through SEO and you don’t want to find your website getting penalized.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

SEO – valuable as it is – is a long-term game. Often, businesses want to give an instant boost to their business and this is where PPC works well. In PPC, a company bids on certain keywords related to its business. When a customer types in that keywords, the search engine selects from the pool of those who have bid for it, and produces three to five winners. PPC ads are not organic results; they are paid, and search engines make that distinction clear. Ideally, SEO and PPC should go together because they have distinct advantages. PPC is excellent to promote seasonal offers and other time-bound events.

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Online Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process of understanding your customer better, in order to gauge whether they are potential buyers or not. When people visit your site, nine out of 10 times, they are only browsing your site and collecting information. However, these people have come to your site because they are interested in the product/service you provide. Lead gen is about giving potential customers a reason to return to you.
Newsletter sign-up forms, free content, contests, ebooks are all ways in which you can give something of value to your user in return for some personal information like phone number, email id etc that help you continue your correspondence with the user.
Remarketing is another effective technique where the user will continue to see your company’s ads after they leave your site.

Monitoring and analytics

One of the key advantages of internet digital marketing over traditional marketing is that you can measure the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns. In traditional marketing, you do your best and hope for the best. There is no concreate way to measure your success or failure. Not so with digital marketing, where monitoring and analytics tools are available.
Nova Solutions tracks every campaign from inception to its completion to ensure it is performing at optimal levels. Key Performing Indicators (KPIs) like traffic, lead gen, conversion, bounce rates inform us which aspects of the campaign are working, and which need to be tweaked. Monitoring and analytics are central to internet digital marketing success, because unless you understand the user’s response or non-response, there can be no strategy. We at Nova Solutions recogonize that regular monitoring is essential because both the customer and the competitive landscape is always changing.

Choosing Nova Solutions Makes a Difference

Nova Solutions covers the whole spectrum of internet digital marketing, so you can get a customized marketing strategy that meets your precise business needs. Our team of specialists and digital marketing experts have the industry know-how and practical knowledge to ensure you get tangible results out of your campaigns. Over a thousand B2B and B2C companies have benefitted from our internet digital marketing services, you can too.

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